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Corporate Profile

One of the Al Nab’a Holding Group company.Involves provision of food and beverages on a large scale to corporate bodies and institutions all over the Sultanate through effective operational and stock control systems.

Vision & Mission

Managed by a team of highly experienced professionals, our vision is to provide unmatched, superior quality and highly efficient general maintenance and support services to Oman’s corporate sector.
We are committed to deliver continuous improvement in the quality of our services by deploying experienced personnel, quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. We believe that quality can lead to customer delight by incorporating improvements at every level. By constantly introducing new services to our portfolio, we aim to expand our business reach and provide for your needs better.

Our People

Our people are our biggest asset. Employees are given the opportunity to perform and progress in their careers. Al Naba’s Training Centre in Ghala (the biggest of its kind in Oman) is equipped to train newly inducted staff as well as regularly update the skills of existing staff. Our people are given the best training possible before they are deputed to provide you cleaning, maintenance and housekeeping services. It is not surprising that leading corporates in Oman prefer our people to keep their premises neat, clean and well-maintained.


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